ferdinand burger, born in 1968 and originally from south africa, is currently living and working in the basel-region switzerland. through his travels, studies and contact with people of various backgrounds he has learned a great deal about the environment he lives in. his passion for photography combined with his interest in technology have encouraged him to venture into the world of digital art. past publications include exhibitions in basel, london and berlin.

with the discovery of new experiences captured through the lens of his camera, the exploration into the world of digital art and his knowledge of computers and software, ferdinand started to use photos from everyday life to build a portfolio of digital art. through his website his impressions and efforts are available for consumption and enjoyment by art lovers across almost all genres.

together with two other artists, ferdinand also launched a project in switzerland where art from local artists can be rented by businesses, hotels and restaurants, architects, interior decorators, property management agencies or individuals wishing a regular fresh look on their walls.

ferdinand is also actively involved in an international non-profit organisation focusing on diversity and inclusion on a global level. his involvement and support for the kaleidoscope trust, focusing on the rights of the lgbt community worldwide, go back to the start of the non-profit origanisation in 2007.

professionally ferdinand has an m.sc. degree in information systems management from the university of liverpool, uk and has been working in the life science industry for more than 20 years, responsible for business process optimization, establishing a distribution network for products used in the life science as well as selecting and building teams of consultants/marketing specialists in more than 25 countries worldwide.

privately ferdinand is a single father, blessed with three beautiful children, ages 22, 18 and 15.