digital art

on this page you will find a select number of artworks and photographs which are available in a number of formats - including original work on high quality canvas, posters, and a variety of other media. please feel free to browse and should you be interested in any of the works displayed, please contact the artist directly.

copenhagen warehouse

the color purple

beauty on a wall

hole in the wall

bricks or bushes

a penny for your thoughts

malta harbour

i am

red window

lisbon steps


award-winning artwork

rotten wood

copenhagen scaffolding

cilento tower

welcoming entrance

art is not lost

coffee time

not the red light

berlin train scene

waiting patiently

a boat with a view

turkish garden

please be seated

turkish fruit stall

the lamp

award-winning artwork

three of a kind

if the shoe fits


blocked view



my right foot

tiring art


award-winning artwork

tea time

lounge pleasures

cosmos chaos

the red box

lisbon station

lisbon street walk

library design

the white on black diamond

bridge lines

rusted figures

to fit another shoe

vespa power

stationary menu man


basel rhine ferry

at the bar

bicycle for hire

the famous lisbon tram

card tricks

in the eye of the beholder

getting ready

best jacket

not just body parts

towel play

the hairy bit

taking a rest

on my way

trafalgar square

beautiful venice

table mountain

lisbon blossoms

don't expect more