through my lens

on my travels, my daily activities and sometimes at the oddest moments, i have come across a number of objects, buildings, people, scenes and the wonders of nature that i simply had no choice but to capture these on film. my hope is always that the truth about beauty in the eye of the beholder prevails also with those people viewing my work.

london bus station

copenhagen sunset

westminister london

the world in glass

a touch of red

autumn in dublin

clownish entrance

half-circle truth

feeling a bit blue

st. basils moscow

eiffel perspective

a balustrade with a view

aqua inspiration

old-fashioned wind power

complementary greens

irish red pub, dublin

copenhagen harbour sunset

burger-branded bread rolls

majestic in black

diagonal church

so much glass

lonesome factory

inspiring boxed living

taking in the scenery

first wild spring apples

hortensia magic

orchids come to life

malta at night

end to the war of the roses

red currents ready

leafy perspective

the next round of roses

basel water taxies

hidden rhine ferry treasures

if this bank could talk

promotion in a box

spring garden view

a window with a history

window overlooking rhine

behind closed doors

welcoming entrance

malta beach buildings

the blue door

playful with glass and light

hidden corners

basel beach

basel rhine walkway

the caves welcome you

town centre church allschwil

malta living

in case you forgot the street

malta telephone style

dessert to die for

have your say

red is the colour

inspiring monument

towering above

almost open heavens

expression in red

a lady of the street

mossy bricks

watch tower

scarred roots