the history of two vespas

it is so true about first impressions! i was asked to delivery a work of art that could be projected onto a dividing glass partition in the reception area of one of the biggest life science companies in the world. their preference was not to hang art on the walls, but create the illusion that the art projected on the partition would be moving with the rotation of the glass panels.

the ceo of the company grew up in the northern parts of italy, he had completed his studies in bologna and his only transport was an old vespa. when one day he by accident bumped into another vespa driver, the 'italian temper' as he put it, took over - until the other driver removed her helmet. being the gentleman that he was, and although broke, he had found his soulmate and together they built up one of the most successful life science and research companies in the world. when i suggested the piece of art i had in mind, his wife for the last 40 years immediately jumped up and shouted from joy. apparently they had been looking for something extraordinary to mark their life-changing meet and the mutual understanding that they would never forget where they originated from.

the photo used in the work of art was taken of their two vespas, still in prime condition, but sadly seldom used any longer.