navigating the future

adventure lies in abstract reality

artferdinand - ferdinand burger, ceo of the burger consulting group, shares his impressions of surroundings and those around him through award-winning photography and digital art.

past exhibitions include artbasel, scope miami, the indian contemporary art exhibition, the international photography show at the louvre, paris and other favourite art events in basel, london, berlin, san francisco, embracing our differences in miami, los angeles, to name a few.

original digital art

creative passion with digital exploration

capturing the magical in the ordinary

subliminal diversity as a journey

art in all its forms is an asset

the way to enjoy art

art | simply art

the beauty of discretion lies with the privilege to appreciate it

corporate art

finding just the right balance between personal tastes in office accessories and creating an environment encouraging the values of interactive collaboration could be jeopardised by uninformed, hasty decisions.

non-profit organisations

non-profit organisations can now offer their staff an appealing and supportive work environment by challenging whitespaces, and actually spend money to help those who rely on the kindness of such organisations.

hotels & restaurants

not only can all digital art pieces be composed to augment colour schemes and interior design elements, but size, format and medium can be freely selected - without compromising quality or subject.

healthcare facilities

whether hospital, dental practice, administration office or other facilities, visitors and patients are already confronted by the sterile environment. advice posters do not enhance the so-called customer journey. art is.

private households

the value of art is measured only in the appreciation of its beauty, definitely not because it is a luxury or described as a 'valuable' asset. limited financial means in a private household should not hinder enthusiasm and joy.

events & occasions

special events and even normal occasions often lack a personal touch. art is the perfect way to build bridges, mend fences or simply to enjoy while mental and physical demands consume all available energy.

the power in numbers

some statistics

the number of art pieces, clients, exhibitions or sizes - some comparative numbers always help


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the art of loving art

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